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TWMLegal | Real Estate | Law Merchant's real estate brokerage law office. TWMlegal was founded to provide California individuals, business owners and investors with a single place to find credible and effective representatives of real estate transactions, disputes and other legal matters.

Established in 2012


TWM Law P.C. Professionals have the experience, knowledge, and skills required to represent individuals, investors, and other entities in real estate transactions, disputes, intellectual property issues, complex business lawsuits, personal injuries, and other matters in California. Regardless of the existing dispute, we understand that each TWM Legal P.C. client is looking for an effective expression with significant value, regardless of the assessment of the legal issue. TWM Law P.C., which is sensitive to feelings and concerns that bother customers about the legal issues of TWM Law P.C. All efforts are made to ensure that customers are always fully informed and that they should call back in a timely and professional manner. If you need a legal representative and want to speak with a dedicated lawyer, please call (916) 932-7338. Alternatively, complete the on line form and consult for free.

Trevor began his career in the real estate as a licensed salesperson. As a real estate broker, Trevor now provides full service representation for buyers and sellers in both the housing and commercial markets.

Trevor has been a successful design engineer and engineering manager for L-3 Narda-West, the world leader in the space satellite market. All customers, including NASA, Lockheed, Boeing, SSL, Orbital, Northrop Grumman, and the Department of Defense, are designed & We are indebted to. Trevor-implemented manufacturing technology

Trevor is later Murphy Campbell Alliston & I started my career as a lawyer. quinn until TWMLegal is started. Trevor has the special knowledge and skills to become a lawyer, an engineer, a real estate broker, and an entrepreneur. His activities focus greatly on real estate transactions and disputes, intellectual property, business lawsuits, general claims and defense.

Trevor M.





After encountering dozens of real estate agents over the years, it will become one of the few professions that should be abandoned by the spread of the Internet.   In addition to having a degree in law, people like Trevor, who has a career as a real estate agent, seem to be a natural advance in his profession.  After many years of hearing the terrible story of a failed deal, I cannot work with a real estate agent without legal background or a lawyer without real estate background.  Don't hesitate to call him, otherwise you're glad.  He advises customers on real estate legal issues over the entire range of residential and commercial real estate.  For more information, visit their site.

12/31/2020 11:34pm